Monday, June 17, 2013

Blog, We Have Not Forgotten You!

So the main reason I haven't blogged forever is because we are busy and I'm tired! Most of you may know, but we are going to have a sweet baby girl join our family in September. I have been frantically trying to get things ready during nap time (when I am not taking a nap). Nap time is pay bills, do stuff for my calling, check email, etc. I am also making a quilt for our new baby (Dillan's is almost finished now that he is almost 2), a stuffed animal, and I am working on a preschool curriculum to do with Dillan (Walk-Beside-Me).

Some other super exciting things have been happening like Brennan got a promotion. He is now the Assistant Branch Manager (Yahoo)! He also got to play in his very first golf tournament. After which, he was walking to go eat lunch, and felt something on his neck. He put his hand up and brushed it off. Yeah, it was a giant black spider. His boss was right by him and hurried to step on it. It was a baby tarantula! Brennan still freaks out whenever he thinks about it.

Free weekends are hard to come by but we finally got a couple in a row. We (as in Brennan) pulled up a tree/bush, got our flowerbeds all ready. A couple in our ward gave us tons of starts (lilys, columbines, irises, herbs, mums, etc). As we loaded them and Dillan into mom and dad's pickup, I warned Brennan that Dillan would push buttons if he was in there. As Brennan was loading the plants in the back, he said "that's okay" as we heard the sound of the truck locking... with our son and the keys in it. Luckily one of their neighbors was a police officer and he was able to help Brennan get him out. Anyway, we planted them along with some annuals. I think it looks cute, and hopefully it will really fill in, in the next few years. We, as always, are battling the weeds in our grass too. I think we are actually starting to make some head way. Dillan has run around (and fallen down) in our back yard and not been impaled by sand burs! We still have to pick out the goat heads from our shoes every time we go outside. Brennan and Dillan also made me a raised garden bed this year. (side note: Dillan loves to help us do everything! He helps me do my hair, empty the dishwasher, sweep and mop, etc). Hopefully we will get some veggies! Two of my cucumber plants have already been eaten (stupid squirrel)! The same day Brennan and Dillan built me the garden (bought, measured, cut, put together, and filled with dirt) Brennan also helped take out a tree at his Grandma Stewart's, and cleaned and organized our garage! What a wonderful Husband, Father, and Grandson he is!

My cousin and her husband came to visit us on a Saturday and we got to watch her brother play baseball in the State Qualifiers. We took them to arches. Dillan as usual played in the dirt.
 We bought a piano a couple of months ago and Dillan loves it. He is very musical (I wonder where he gets that from;). He beat-boxes all the time, sings, and plays Daddy's harmonica.
For Brennan's birthday we went Frisbee golfing. What did Dillan do...yep you guessed it. He played in the dirt. In between holes Brennan would carry him on his shoulders, every time he put Dillan down, he immediately would start playing in the dirt.

 Notice Dillan looking down. I am sure he is thinking, "Dad put me down! There is some lovely dirt here!"

  Dillan has been learning all kind of new things. He discovered his shadow along with how flashlights work, and now every evening we make duck hand shadows. He is learning alot of new words. He says: watch, bubble, outside, cheese, fish, shoes, tissue, trash to name a few. He says alot of words with the "sh" sound, and it is often hard to discern which "sh" word he is saying. He can also say tiger and gross, but hardly ever does. He is a really big tease. He will pretend to give something to you and play keep away, then giggle like crazy (he thinks it is especially fun to steal laundry I am trying to fold). He loves to be chased. So every time I say, "Lets get you dressed", "I need to change your diaper", "Time for a nap". He starts to run! He is getting good at hide-and-go-seek. He is a really quite hider (with the occasional giggle), a couple of times I have had to look through the entire house to find him. He enjoys making funny faces at people during church, as well as flirting with the little girls. He is also a master fencer. Uncle Reyce put a toy sword in his hand one day and he started attacking people left and right! He now has two foam swords that Grandma got him, and he practices every day.

Because it has been so long since we blogged here are a few more pics:)
 Dillan zonked out after opening presents on Christmas.

"Look Mom, I'm planking Daddy!"

 Playing with corn starch and water for the first time.

 Being helpful. He loves to cook.

 Silly Grandpa!

 Cookie Monster!!!

 Sledding for the first time. Dillan was really scared, and cried every time one of us went down the hill. He is very cautious.

 Valentines Day
Waiting for Daddy to come home.
 Mixing sidewalk paint together. He never really painted the cement. Yes, that is snow on the car port, but it was a warmish day, and we were going stir crazy inside!

At Easter we went to Sand Dune Arch. We put out Easter eggs for Dillan to find. He didn't care about the candy inside the eggs! What could be better than candy...dirt. He would pull out the candy and use the eggs to dig.

 Trying to put a whole Easter Egg in his mouth.

 Being helpful, again, while I was working on his quilt.

 Yelling at noisy dogs across the Street from Grandma's house.

What great cousins Dillan has. He loves to play with them whenever we get to go to Iron County.


  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you posted, love to see your cute family!